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Retention Based Gacha System

Utilizing Gacha for Engagement

Gacha is a monetization model that has withstanded the test of time and probably will continue to do so, the way the mobile game designs are trending world wide. Recently, developers out in Japan are thinking outside the box with the gacha system and utilizing it in ways to not increase monetization rate but to increase engagement. This done by implementing 2 simple systems in your game.

  1. Implementing a Box Gacha system

  2. Create a system to distribute gacha tickets.

What is Box Gacha?

Box Gacha is a Drop Rate friendly system where a box of items are advertised to the users with a set amount. The attraction for players is that, the more they pull the gacha the better the odds are for them to get their chase character, due to the items in the box being reduced by the amount of pulls the players has done.

Box Gacha provides players the options of 2 things constantly.

– Pull


– Reset

Pull will continue to shrink the number of items in the box and the more you do this, the better the odds for what you’re chasing becomes, or the player can reset the box and start all over.

Ie. X Box contains 25 items and 2 of them are Super Rare Champions.

The Champion from the start of the Box Gacha had a drop rate of 2/25 = 8%

If the player pulled 10 times and didn’t get any Super Rares, the chance for the person to get the Super Rare has changed from 2/25 to 2/15 = 13%

The odds get better the more you participate in the Box Gacha which actually engages the player to participate further in the box gacha.

Birth of Engagement Gacha

Box Gacha was originally designed to create a value proposition for players that the more they engage in the gacha the better drop rate rewards it becomes. Recently developers are taking notices other factors on how gacha systems can be positioned for users.

With RPG games becoming a lot more complex and for balancing purposes, certain features contain their own unique energy system and currency. Engagement Box Gacha is starting to become a thing where players dangle gacha tickets based on their game progression. As i mentioned in this post, the more you pull from a box gacha the better the odds become to get your chase item / character, which directly has a positive correlation towards engagement. The more engaged you are the more pulls rinse and repeat. This has become a very effective way to help with 7 and 14 day retention.

If you’re looking for system to help solve these issues, look no further than an engagement Box Gacha to solve your retention needs.

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