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Mixi’s Asia Pivot

Back in February 2016, Mixi, the developers of the hit title Monster Strike announced a massive Western expansion. 1 year later they have decided to refocus their strategy, like every other Japanese social mobile company that attempted the West.

The reports have mentioned that Mixi has suspended their large scale marketing plans due to the competitive nature of the West. Even being one of the the top grossing mobile games globally, it seems that the trend for Japanese mobile companies is for 2016 – 2017 is to re group and re align their long term goals.

What’s Next: The Asia Pivot

Forced to shutdown and refocus their strategy else where, it seems the next pivot for top mobile social gaming companies in Japan is to establish market share in the ever emerging China Market. Mixi is quoted as utilizing the Gung ho strategy where they team up with Top Mobile publishers in China to release a localized version of their massively successful game “Puzzles & Dragons”

Mixi’s Monster Strike has already found footing in Countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and look to team up with a strong mobile publisher in China Main Land.

Monster Strike

Monster Strike is an app that is blessed to be in the The Billion Dollar App club where the game has experience over a $Billion in Revenue. Its essentially brought back what was known in Japan as a social networking site back from the grave and is effectively generating 90% of its revenue for the company domestically.

This pivot is essential for the growth of the company and to buy enough time for the company to work on their next Billion Dollar App. or if they ever can.

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