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Lineage II Revolution: The first viable auto play MMO

As auto play become a norm in any mobile rpg game, Netmarble has taken Lineage II Revolution to the next level and made the entire mobile MMO experience a complete auto play experience.

This growing trend in auto playing the entire grind experience is proving positive for the mobile market and acceptance for these mechanics are growing by the millions. Lineage II Revolution gives the players the option to either fully engage in the battle mechanics or let the game run on its own with a touch of a button.

A quest panel is displayed on the left hand side which allows players to choose which quest they want their toon to run and accomplish and with a click of a button, off he/she goes to complete the quest.

This gaming dynamic creates a semi engaged gaming experience where players can perform multiple function at the same time while feeling like they are progressing in the game.

Recently, social game design has been trending in the direction of providing a gaming experience that doesn’t require the players full engagement for a lengthy period of time as it has been proven that these types of design yield lower retention than a game that would have a quick (1-3 min) game session or a semi engaged gaming session like Lineage II revolution.

Netmarble has effectively taken a full blown MMO, with a huge world environment with millions of players playing simultaneously and created a viable mobile experience that players can enjoy all while providing the ability to accomplish their irl tasks. This is a feat that deserves an applause as the bane of MMO was always the issue of not getting anything irl accomplished and having your soul sucked into the mmo game you are currently playing.

Auto Play System

The auto play system is the core mechanic in which the game runs. For every feature and mission the auto play function allows players the option to fully engage or be semi engaged.

Below are the features that you can trigger for Auto-play

Story Mode Quest: Main Story line that players progress through the game

Side Mode Quest: Side quest that players can pick up through mobs to farm extra player experience

Daily Quests: Daily quests are your daily player experience boost

Weekly Quest: Weekly quests are your weekly player experience boost

Dungeons: Dungeon quest drop specific currency based on the dungeon and can be farmed in bulk.

The only system that doesn’t allow auto play is their PVP system where players have to use the in-game direction pad and micro manage the player to victory against another player data. And is the feature that i don’t engage the most.

Currently, Lineage II: Revolution has been released in the Korean and Japanese App store. When the game was released in South Korea, it was reported that the game made over $148 Million in revenue in the first month, and just recently released in Japan, it shot up to #1 Grossing on the first day. This game is definitely a game that everyone should keep on their radar if you are a rpg / mmo fan as the experience is unique and can keep you engaged for months.

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