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KPI: The effectiveness of a Monthly Pass System

If you look to increase your Arpdau, Arpu, and consumer pool all while maintaining or possibly increasing your 7/14/30 day retention, look no further than a Monthly Pass system. This is a system that is implemented quite a bit in the RPG space and the ROI is amazing as the development time is minimal.

The value proposition for the Monthly Pass is the trade off between time and money. Players are required to login on a daily basis to collect their prize. Let’s say your product offering is a 30 day pass that cost $5.00 and with this pass players can claim 100 Hard Currency on a daily basis for 30 days every time they login.

The monthly pass system is one of the few Win / Win type monetization and retention system that are a must do for all your game going forward

Hyper Heroes 30 Day Pass

Lets take a look at Hyper Heroes 30 Day pass, if you notice They have a 30 Day pass product that sells for 480 Yen ($3.99 USD) that gives users

  • 200 Diamonds (Hard Currency on purchase)

  • 120 Diamons everyday for 30 days for logging in

That’s a grand total of 3800 Diamonds (HC) Now if you take a look at the Gem Product pricing, they offer 3250 Diamonds for 6000 Yen ($49.99 USD)

The value prop for this product is over 1200% and the trade off is for players to login everyday for 30 Days.

Players that look to play this game seriously cannot ignore this product offering and usually end up purchasing this pass.

Like Water and Oil

MR (Monetization Rate) and RR (Retention Rate) is like mixing water and oil. Increasing your monetization rate usually affects your retention rate and PM’s will always walk that fine line to not make their game a Pay to Win but at the same time are required to hit certain revenue numbers. The monthly pass system is a design that actually increase both MR and RR. A dream come true for any product manager.

Reward Distribution system.

Below are examples of 2 different types of pass system you can incorporate into your team

  • Player and the Monthly Calendar

  • Players are required to login every day of the calendar month, any days missed, users miss the reward

  • 30 Day Countdown system

  • Logging in the game during a unique day no matter what day it is will effectively yield the user a reward. When the user logs in 30 days will end the 30 day pass.

Additional Design Consideration

End of Pass Reward:

On top of the value proposition, you can also add a carrot at the end of the stick to motivate players to complete their 30 and claim their 30 day reward as well.

The motivation behind this system is to create pleasant experience all throughout the pass in hopes they top up again when the pass expires.

Monthly Pass Reward Types.

This system just doesn’t apply exclusively to Hard Currency but for any in game resources which you manage to create as rare and require an abundance of.

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