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Japan Mobile Market Analysis 2015

According to EEDAR an American based Video game research and consulting company has reported earlier that the mobile space has seen an increase in market size by $25 billion during the year 2015 and the user participation increased by another 1.5 billion users.

Currently, North America tops the list with a mobile market size of $5.41 Billion, and Japan following a tab behind at $5.16 Billion followed by the China market at $5.01 Billion. Other notable countries would be Korea at $1.37 Billion.

Japan, known as a high ARPU (Average Revenue per User) based country for online game, flexes is ARPU muscles as you can notice that Japan users comprise of only 1/8 of the China user population but remains as the 2nd biggest market in the Mobile market. I have no idea whether thats a good thing or not, but its very clear that Japan people really like to spend money via their phone.

Digging a little bit deeper it seems that ARPPU (Average Revenue per Paying User) <- On a MAU basis, Japan tops these charts:

  1. Japan: $24.06

  2. Korea: $12.83

  3. North America: $6.61

  4. China: $2.28

Also, EEDAR reported that the average age for the top 4 mobile users by country is 35 years old. and from the 4, North America was the only country that saw a huge discrepancy in gender ratio, where males tend to use mobile phones 10% more that females. Regarding OS, it seems only Japan has experience an even split with Android to iOS with 45% each and the remaining 10% being other. The other top mobile country user has experience more market dominance with the Android OS. Probably because it’s a lot more customizable and they don’t try to control their ecosystem like their competitors (hint hint, but you didn’t hear that from me though)

Top played game genres in NA/China/ Korea are as follows:

  1. Puzzle

  2. Arcade

But for Japan it seems they still love their RPG and the top 2 look like below:

  1. Puzzle

  2. RPG

Notable facts:

Game play hours (Weekly):

  1. China 4.5 Hours

  2. South Korea 3.6 Hours

  3. North America 3.5 Hours

  4. Japan 3,5 Hours

You can find out more about the 4 top major mobile markets by going to EEDAR site and registering to their website

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