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How Captain Tsubasa’s Tatakae Dream Team incorporates skills into their gacha

Captain Tsubasa Tatakae Dream Team (キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~) was released back in June of 2017 and ever since its release it’s been hovering in the top 50 gross ranking in Japan. (only released in Japan)

Captain Tsubasa Tatakae Dream Team (キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~) is a social mobile soccer game inspired by the original nintendo console version that was release in 1988. In this RPG soccer game, players are assumed the role of the coach and are required to choose the action the player with or near the ball will take. Pass, dribble, Pass Cut, Block, this turn based style sports game was a massive hit in Japan, and when Klab released the mobile rendition of the concept, the game shot immediately to the top 20 in grossing charts. (Peaking at top 14)

Character Collection Concept

Captain Tsubasa Tatakae Dream Team (キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~) is a character collecting game that requires player to pull a gacha to unlock the ‘possibility’ of your favorite character, and players are required to play stages to farm experience to level up their characters.

Character Rarity is broken down into Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare characters. The unique approach Klab took with this product was they decoupled character skill and the character effectively creating a 2 layer collection system.

Collection Concept

1. Level up Character

  • Players are required to farm Roberto Experience Cards to level up their champion. These cards can be farmed throughout all the game modes.

2. Evolute Character

  • Once a player managed to collect enough Roberto Experience cards to max out their character they are required to collect Evolution cards of a specific class (color) in order evolve their character to the next rank. Characters are limited to only 1 evolution per card which creates the value for SR since they are the only cards that can rank up to the highest Rarity card in the game.

3. Level up Character Skill

  • Leveling up a skill requires players to collect black soccer balls or collect characters that contain the same skill which will allow them to level up a specific skill that champions currently possess.

4. Add Skills to character

  • Duplicate champion cards are scattered throughout the different thematic gachas, and their carrot resides in the special skill they possess. Pulling the same character with a different style of asset usually represents that card holding a different skill within the card that can potentially be transferred over to your leveled up character

Same character different asset but inside creates the differentiation with the champion. Their Skills.

This dynamic creates player behaviour where players will continue to search for skills even though the champion is set at a lower rarity bar. As long as the skill is transferable every rarity card can be considered of ‘value’.

Klab does a good job peppering in different skills for champs that i have already maxed out (in level) to rethink if i need to chase certain skills in the game.

Skills and Cards Conclusion

Skill distribution in created demand in different rarity sets of characters is a proving to be an effective means to drive demand for players to chase, no matter the rarity. As long as the skill creates value for players to chase, they have a ever green system that will allow them to run this game for years to come. Lets just hope they story doesn’t run out of cool soccer skills

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