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How AI is being used in Mobile Apps

Web 2.0 has paved the way for cloud computing and a ton of possibilities with network related games. AI has been a benefactor with this movement as many applications and computers have already began to augment humans for several functions in many of the top performing games in the app market. AI has taken the role of identifying how the players are feeling during their play session and augment their experience to serve 2 functions:

Provide a better game play experience Or Create friction and push them to monetize their game.

Here is a list of a few techniques the top grossing game utilize AI to help increase revenue in their game.

1) Targeted Offers

Starter Packs, Bundle Packs, Stage Packs, Characters packs, weoafeweewfwef packs, whatever the pack leading game companies are preparing packs for players based on conditional triggers within their game. AI monitors their player behaviour and provides these packs when X condition is received. Some companies take a step further and lets the AI determine the price point of the pack based on the user past purchasing behaviour or whether they want to activate this player as a consumer.

2) User Acquisition

Utilizing the power AI, developers are able create predictive LTV curves for certain UA cohorts and decide whether these users are worth purchasing or better off looking else where. These prediction can go as far as predicting whether they are most likely going to recommend this game to someone, even how long they might play until they churn.

3) Difficulty Adjustment

One of the biggest difficulties in the game is to manage and create enough content for several different cohort of players. Whether this be players that spend an average of 5 min or 5 hours. It is important that dev give these players a wide range of things to do, or they end up churning. Dev are recently identifying player game sessions and dynamically adjusting the difficulty for the ‘hard core’ to experience more of a challenge as they progress through the game.

4) Churn Reduction

The use of AI can potentially reduce the churn in your game by identifying the what actions that usually lead to players to inevitably churn. An example of how this works is with the use of AI, this can potentially identify player behaviour as a high risk of churn. By identifying these types of cohorts, the AI can take historical event data that increased game session or retention by offering these users limited time bundles or packs or even straight up gift these users to help their game experience.

5) Fraud Detection

Fraud is cancer to a game where if not identified and fixed immediately can mean success or failure to your application. AI Agents can now be deployed to run series of random verification checks to ensure that each install or user behaviour is a real person or exploited by a bot. The process of suspecting and verifying is a powerful tool to ensure a fair playing field for the in game community and AI provide such security for the integrity of your game.

AI will eventually be the cause and possible extinction of man kind as we know it according to the million Hollywood movies that create such a dystopian future of bots taking over the world, it seems AI has creeped into our applications and only in time itl’ll start creeping into our real life.

– Lets all prepare for the beginning of the end –

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