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Gungho’s Continued Struggle

Gungho, the developers of Puzzles & Dragons continue to see decline in revenue according to the their Financials, Q2 2017 Fiscal Year. (6 months ending June 2017)

The year to year profit has declined 20% to $442.7 Million Net Sales. Back in 2016, Gungho has come out mentioning that they will be putting more focus on the global market. They started by announcing the release of Puzzles & Dragons in China, partnering up with Tencent. This initiative unfortunately was shut down back in March 15th, 2017, only 8 months into launch. The game obviously failed to meet Tencent expectations but partnership in itself was a bit questionable as the craze for this game was very lively in China when the game was first released in 2012. I would know cause i lived in China at this time.

Gungho’s inevitable struggle continues to trend as the company is learning that Puzzles & Dragon was a mere (massive) fluke than a company that actually can sustain and repeat its success.

As Puzzles & Dragons experienced over 11 Million downloads in US. and over 46 Million in Japan, its looking like Gungho will start focusing their efforts on their other titles ie Devine Game and reports have it that they are also currently developing 11 other titles and continue to roll the dice in this industry.

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