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Facebook Reaction Marketing

Back in 2016 Facebook updated their like button and added 6 new reactions users can choose from for any given post.

Before the this launch Facebook tested several different variations and types of reactions and the end result were the bottle 6 reactions were considered the most popular.

Since the release of Facebook reactions, these cute gif images have been used over 300 Billion times. With many different purposes.

Below is an example of the base case scenario where users use facebook reaction by reacting to post from specific users.

This isn’t the case on how Content Marketing firms have started to utilize these new reaction emoji’s

How marketing firms are using this to go viral.

Recently, Warner Brothers ran a Halloween poll utilizing the Reaction Emoji’s to have the actual campaign go viral.

What they do is they present a community facing survey towards the end users. In this case, the campaign was to ask players which type of treat they wanted for Halloween and the most popular vote was packaged to them for free.

Players were required to react according to which bundle they wanted and the highest number of reactions was gifted to everyone during the Halloween Weekend.

  • Ratbag being the Laughing Reaction

  • Saruman being the Wow Reaction

  • Shelob being the Heart Reaction.

They dynamic this created were 2 results:

  1. Player Engagement:

Engaged players to react based on the champion they wanted to unlock in this case.

  1. Organic Installs / Organic Impressions:

Another interesting function this performed was for the possibility of getting more organic users just running this poll. This is because for every reaction a player voted for, this reaction effectively posted the same banner onto their wall which in turn led to organic impressions based on the users friend pool.

If you’re interested in unique ways to improve your K-factor and social organic impression growth, utilizing the reaction emoji’s is a first step in the right direction.

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