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Approaching your Login Bonus Design

As the gaming market gets more and more saturated providing effective means to keep players coming back or engaging in your game longer will only provide for a better bottom line.

“ Studies show that the longer a player is in engaged in the game will create a higher chance that the player will convert into a customer”

In this post, i would like to discuss the 3 different ways you can implement your login bonus. As a producer or designer you will have the option to choose one of the 3 or just implement them all, lets take a look at the 3 types:

Rolling Calendar Login Bonus

The rolling Calendar login bonus is a day to day reward system where the player is required to login on a specific day or the player misses out on the actual reward. Whether you align this to the actual calendar dates or create a 4 week cycle, the core portion of this feature is if you penalize the user for not coming back to the game if they were unable to login at a specific date.

Daily Unique Login Bonus

This login bonus is player friendly login system where the player will never miss out on any rewards and can claim all the rewards displayed in the reward track as long as the player has logged in on <x> amount of unique days.

So lets say, I’ve created a 14 day login bonus, the requirement for the player to claim all 14 rewards is to login to the game on 14 unique days throughout the course of this player lifecycle. This can take 14 days, 30 days or even a year and no penalty is applied to the player for not logging in on consecutive days, giving the player the ability to claim all the rewards in the login bonus at his/her own pace.

I’ve written a post on the effectiveness of the monthly pass for those that want a more in-depth look on how unique daily login bonus can increase your bottom line. Here

Engagement Login Bonus

You can find this system very commonly used in MMO mobile games but i’m seeing a lot of Hybrid Casual games implementing this feature as well lately.

The Engagement login bonus effectively counts your play time and rewards players based on how long they are online with the game.

Let’s say as a Product Manager you want your players to play your game on average 30 Minutes a day. Than you can effectively create a reward scheme for players to stick around for 30 minutes, just to claim their daily engagement reward.

This is proven to be a very effective way to increase a players engagement time in your game and it’s a very cheap and quick win for your product.


Above are 3 different approaches you can take in implementing your login strategy. Note: the different systems contain their own value props and are effective for specific cohorts but also remember that the rewards are just as important. For example if you’re going to penalize your players for not performing an action, the carrot needs to be of higher value than a player friendly login system.

Good Luck

Comment below if you have any questions or send me an email

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