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A Trendy Facebook Marketing Technique: Emoji

Emoji’s has been a trendy topic for a lot of online marketers looking to get a bit of attention that clutters the every day user. Each ad, each ad placement and positioning can be analyzed in the current market and any traction on interest is documented, refined and optimized. Oddly enough the secret sauce in gaining traction on all your social media post is to add emoji’s to your post.

Adespresso has done a bunch of A/B tests on the emoji theory and has seen some interesting results.

They A/B tested an add with Facebook Ads with the same assets and Headline outside of the 1 emoji that was displayed on the header and the results showed that the click through rate (CTR) was 241% higher than the the Facebook ad without the emoji.

They also tested out Facebook posts using Emoji’s and non emoji’s and the post including emoji’s usually had 30% – 40% higher CTR and 20% lower CPC vs regular post.

The power of the Emoji

A study by the University of Missouri- St. Louis explored the effects of using emojis in a socio-economic vs. task-oriented setting. They discovered that looking at emoji’s is far more gratifying than reading a wall of text similar to reading the Oxford Dictionary.

In Asia, Emoji’s isn’t a new concept in Japan rather it has become a huge business for many companies, Line (Chat app) one of the most popular chat app in Japan makes over $270 Million dollars in revenue selling stickers on their Social Chat platform.

Emoji’s, Text faces, stickers will and continue to grow in North America as 1620 emoji’s are already supported in iOS 9 alone.

Best Practices in using Facebook Emoji

The post delves into the best practices for how to use Emoji’s with Facebook Ads

  • Understand the meaning of the emoji

Go to emojipedia to find out what the emoji means is start [Here]

  • Do emoji’s align with your brand tone and voice, (i.e Highly corporate business environment does mix well with funny emojis)

  • What are the rules behind using your emoji. Consistency is important on who you market your product. (ie. Emoji’s only for marketing post, but for reports no emoji’s)

  • Let your emoji’s help guide your story / narrative / objective of the post.

For example, you could say “Skyrocket your revenue with awesome Facebook ads” in the emoji language 🔥 😵 👉 💰 🚀

Emojis signifying movement, such as 👈 👉☝️👇 ➡ could be used to guide your ad viewer’s attention to the main headline or call-to-action.

  • Avoid using cryptic emoji post, like the Goldman Sachs examples below, where they just use a bunch of emojis

Lastly, below is a chart displaying the highest engaged emoji’s on Facebook

To sum up, simple is best and making sure you use emojis to hi-light the point of your message is integral part of staying ‘more’ connected with your community.

Good luck and get emoji’ing

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