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54% of Global Gaming Revenue dominated by 10 companies

According to Newzoo, their report suggest that the top 10 public game developers make up for 54% of the global game industry revenue. Their latest report discusses the top 25 public game companies ranging from PC, console, and mobile.

Tencent flexing its muscles as it holds 13% of the global mobile market share with the acquisition of Supercell grosses a whopping $10.2 billion in revenue.

Other Top performers are Activisions Blizzard who sits at 3rd position with $6.6 Billion annual revenue in 2016, and Sony taking the second spot with $7.88 Billion in revenue. Below are your top ten companies

  1. Tencent

  2. Sony

  3. Blizzard

  4. Microsoft

  5. Apple

  6. EA

  7. Netease

  8. Google

  9. Bandai Namco

  10. Nintendo


  • Nintendo holding the last spot and is the only company in the top 10 that experienced a decline in revenue for 2016 compared to its previous

  • Netease was voted the fastest growing company in the top 25, increasing revenue by 50% versus its previous year.

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